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3 Lendal, York, North Yorkshire, UK, YO1 8AQ

  • Laura

One Year At No. 3 Lendal, York!

This week we are celebrating spending a year in our shop at 3 Lendal! A year ago we picked up the keys for our lovely little shop - we can not believe this has been our home for a whole year already.

A lot of people remember the shop to be York Hire Wear, which had been a family business for 20 years and it was very well known in York. My dad actually used to be the manager of the shop previous to this, also a suit shop, so It felt like this shop was meant to be for us!

The shop looked quite a lot different when we first moved in and it took about 3 months to get ready to open as Wild & Westbrooke. My whole family gave up so much time and put in a lot of hard work to get the shop looking like it does now, for which we are so grateful. I have been reminiscing through photos of the progress recently and it feels a bit surreal seeing the transformation...

The first job to do was dismantle the old shop units. We saved and reused what we could - our till is the original with a coat of paint and we used a lot of the wood for storage upstairs. Anything that we didn't use was recycled or donated.

Although the shop was dated it had been a successful suit hire shop for such a long time, it just goes to show how long it was here! We still get people coming in to hire suits and I love hearing peoples stories of their memories of hiring suits from here.

It was a very busy summer whilst we tried to manage all the work in the shop whilst most of us were working around other jobs. We were lucky that Michael (Ollie's dad) is a DIY expert and helped with so much of the work. Where needed we used local tradesmen to help with what we couldn't do ourselves.

Ollie's Grandad Harry - aged 92 - was on hand to give an expert opinion, being a retired joiner. We were so lucky to get so much help and for the amount of time our family gave up. We are so grateful, without them we would probably still be dismantling those cabinets!

We could have never imagined this time last year that we would have completed all this work and been open 8 months by now. Especially having received such a warm welcome and to have met so many lovely customers. Thank you to everyone who has shopped with us so far and to all the amazing brands who have supported us in our first year. We cannot wait to celebrate our official 1st birthday with you all in October!

Laura x

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