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  • Laura

What to wear with the NEW Fairfax & Favor grey collection?

Lots of you have probably seen the release of the new Grey collection from Fairfax & Favor - we now have the Salisbury Purse, Sennowe Belt, Heeled & Flat Regina, Windsor Handbag and Mini Windsor in store! Most agree the colour is beautiful but I have heard a few people raise their concern of what you could wear with grey, I also thought this when I first saw them. I have put together a few different outfits using different colours and I now think the grey can be just as versatile as many of the other colours.

The NEW Grey collection from Fairfax & Favor

First off I went for my go to colour - black. Some people have a wardrobe full of navy or brown but mine is definitely black! I wear black jeans nearly everyday so all shoes I buy need to go with them. I teamed black jeans with my favourite jumper at the moment, the Holland Cooper Houndstooth Fitted Knit. I love how the grey breaks up the harshness of the black and white but goes perfectly!

Fairfax & Favor Grey Regina & Windsor Handbag with Holland Cooper Houndstooth Fitted Knit and MAC Dream Skinny Jeans

Sticking with the black theme I used white Holland Cooper jeans this time with a black Holland Cooper Heritage Quilted Jacket for a more casual, autumnal look! White jeans are sometimes only really brought out in summer but I think teamed with the grey boots works really well to bring them into the Autumn/Winter season.

Fairfax Favor Grey Regina and Salisbury Purse with Holland Cooper Jodhpur Jeans, Heritage Quilted Jacket and Bobble Hat

If you are a person that wears a lot of blue and navy the grey also works well! With Fairfax & Favor you also have the option to match the tassel colour, these premium leather tassels in baby blue match really well with the blue jacket and tie the outfit together.

Fairfax & Favor Grey Regina, Salisbury Purse and Sennowe Belt with MAC Dream Skinny jeans and Guinea Windsor Jacket

This is my favourite outfit using the grey boots I think. The greeny grey Dubarry Coat works really well with the grey boots anyway but when paired with burgundy tassels to match the check and then finished off with a matching fedora the whole outfit ties together really well!

Fairfax & Favor Grey Regina and Mini Windsor with Dubarry Bracken Jeacket, Hicks & Brown Fedora and MAC Dream Skinny Grey Jeans

After using black, white, navy and grey jeans another option is a tweed skirt! Not that visible in this picture is the navy and red check running through the tweed of the Vantage Atelier skirt - to compliment this I have added a pair of navy tassels to the boots and I think a pair of burgundy tights would really make this outfit stand out! I love how this skirt has belt loops so you can tie your favourite belt too.

Fairfax & Favor Grey Regina, Sennowe Belt and WIndsor Handbag with Holland Cooper Chunky Knit and Bobble Hat and Vantage Atelier Skirt

I hope this shows how well the grey works with lots of different colours - I would love to hear what you think of these outfits!

Laura xx